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In the beautiful Tuinkamer- or Waterlelie room, both with views of the water surrounding Fortress de Bilt, you can enjoy our tablegrill (from 2 persons and up). With our tablegrill we will serve several meat varieties like beef, chicken fillet, pork and bacon. In addition we will serve you French bread, chips, appropriate sauces, sliced vegetables, a raw vegetable salad, potato salad, Russian salad and a fruit cocktail. Besides our tablegrill with meat there is also the possibility to reserve a vegetarian or fishgrill.

Table grill

Table grill

per person

€ 28,50

Table grill

per child until age of 12

€ 23,00

Fish grill

Surcharge for fish grill

per person

€ 3,00


Traditional Dutch tomato cream soup

With minced meatballs

€ 8,00

Onion soup

Au gratin with a cheese crouton

€ 8,00

Variation on 'Caprese Salad'

Marinated tomato, mini buffalo mozzarella, rocket, roasted pumpkin seeds and aromatic herbs

€ 14,40

Marinated raw salmon

Marinated tomato, mini buffalo mozzarella, rocket, roasted pumpkin seeds and aromatic herbs
€ 14,40

Classic carpaccio

Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, topped with capers, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and olive tapenade

€ 14,40

Main dishes

Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms

Served with stir-fried spinach, shallots, herb pesto, shaved Pecorino and basil oil

€ 22,00

Norwegian cod fillet

Fillet cooked on the skin with a fresh spicy tomato coulis and deep-fried green herbs served with rice

€ 25,00

Duck breast

Duck breast skewer coated with soy sauce, five spices, sesame seeds and served with a rich gravy topped with a drop of soy sauce and fries

€ 25,00


Rosé fried tenderloin from the traditional Dutch White Headed cattle served with a powerful red wine sauce and fries

€ 27,50


Traditional coarsely-turned hamburger (200 gram) of pure Black Angus beef with fried onions, bacon and cheese. Relish made from tomato, pickle, capers, onion and ketchup. Served on an bun and with fries
(preparation time minimal 15 minutes)

€ 16,00


Fresh fruit salad

With two scoops of sorbet and a mint leaf chiffonade

€ 10,20

Dame blanche

Vanille ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream and roasted almonds

€ 10,20

Coupe Mitland

Malaga- and walnut ice cream with ‘Advocaat’ (egg nog), chocolate sauce, raisins and whipped cream

€ 10,20

Homemade pear-and-nuts strudel

Ice cream cylinder with Kirsch and Amarena cherries

€ 10,20


French bread with butter and tapenade

€ 4,45

Extra French fries

€ 3,60


Would you like to make a reservation for today? Then please call +31 (0)30 271 58 24