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Would you like to enjoy your meals in the comforts of your own room? Try ordering roomservice for lunch and dinner. Simply order by using the phone in your room and calling 123 to reach the restaurant (available between 12:00 and 09:00 pm).

Perhaps you are not looking for a full meal, and are instead in want of a small snack or (non)alcoholic drink. In this case, the reception will be at your service with chocolate bars, crisps and more. The vending machines located along the corridors of the ground floor are also stocked with all the essentials for an enjoyable evening inside.


Light cream of cauliflower soup with crispy fried bacon

Crostini and dry-cured ham

€ 9,00

Lobster soup with fresh lobster

Dutch prawns, a dollop of cream and a dash of Armagnac

€ 15,00

Salad of roasted vegetables and rocket

Shiitake mushrooms, Taggiasca olives, sun-dried tomatoes and truffle oil

€ 12,50

Bucatini spiral (chilled pasta dish)

Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, herb oil

€ 12,50

Oysters 3 ways

Au naturel with lemon juice, marinated with soy sauce, braised with spinach

€ 15,00

Smoked fillet of trout

Horseradish, chives, cress, mesclun salad

€ 15,00

Steak tartare

Cornichons, chives, parsley and homemade mayonnaise

€ 15,00

Classic carpaccio

Olive tapenade, capers, pine nuts and cheese shavings

€ 15,00

Smoked fillet of duck breast

Crispy bacon, croutons, freshly picked herbs, balsamic syrup

€ 15,00

Main dishes

Gnocchi with cream

King oyster mushroom, green asparagus, truffle salsa and a parmesan crisp

€ 22,50

Japanese Udon noodles with braised jackfruit

Pak choi, edamame beans and a creamy coconut saucew

€ 22,50

Oven-baked fillet of sea trout

Vegetable spaghetti, potato cookies and a herby tomato coulis

€ 27,50

Fillet of wolffish

Roasted vegetables, aubergine caviar, orzo pasta and a hollandaise sauce

€ 27,50

Bali kebab

Marinated chicken thighs, spicy beans, sweet and sour cucumber, cassava chips and a homemade peanut sauce (choice of bread or fries)

€ 25,00

Main dishes

Tomahawk steak (pork)

Marinated and grilled with vine tomatoes, tomato tapenade and sweet potato fries

€ 27,50

DOMburger or vega DOMburger

Traditional coarsely-ground Black Angus beef or vegetarian hamburger (200 g), with fried onions, cheese, bacon, ketchup and a tomato, gherkin and onion relish. Served on a bun with fries.

€ 19,50

Entrecote of veal

Grilled sirloin, braised baby onions, mushroom wafer and a morel sauce

€ 27,50


With a rich red wine sauce, a touch of truffle salsa and a potato tartlet

€ 29,50

Side dishes

Baguette with herb butter and tapenade

€ 4,25

Fries with mayonnaise

€ 4,25

Green salad with dressing

€ 4,25

Orzo pasta

€ 4,25

Mixed vegetables

€ 4,25

Potato cookies

€ 4,25



A variety of cheeses served with cream of candied figs and walnut bread

€ 12,50

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce

Topped with roasted almonds and whipped cream

€ 10,50

Mitland sundae

Malaga and walnut ice cream, advocaat, brandy-soaked raisins, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

€ 10,50

Poached pears with chocolate ice cream

Warm pear with lightly salted caramel mousse and a scoop of ice cream

€ 10,50

Fruit salad & sorbet

Fruit ice cream, mint leaf chiffonade

€ 10,50